How it all began


I was dreaming about a dog since my childhood. But my parents were strongly against it. I was also strongly insisting. I was given a trial (nothing special - only full cleaning of my room every day for 30 days, because I will have to take care for a dog daily. I had several attempts... I did not have such a clean space of myself ever since then...) So, when I turned out 14 years old, we went to the Pets bazaar. Where can you get a puppy if not there? That was the result of bad information on that topic.

We went there with mum and my cousin. We had 3 breeds in our mind: collie, airdale terrier or poodle. We went through the bazaar for quite a while, and suddenly my sister says " OK, I have chosen a dog for you". And I see the chocolate nose looking out of her jacket. Of course we take this one!

That is funny, but only when coming out of the bazaar place we thought that it would be nice to see whom did we buy - a boy or a girl. Boy! I called him Atos, because he had to be alive dignity, cleverness and braveness. I tried myself what it means to take a pup from a puppy mill. He was so much ill in the beginning... We found out that he is only 3 weeks old. Staphilococcus, then parvovirus. I still cannot understand how did we manage to recover him after this. But anyway, I was the most happy girl in the world. Tos'ka lived a short (only 5 years), but I hope happy life. He was brave, I would even say too much. He did not start any conflicts, but showed that he is not afraid of anything. His life tragically stopped in 1993.

At this time my classmate Olga Knorre was staying in Finland. And her mother (she helped in the beginning of Tos'ka's life and in the very end) proposed that I go to see the standard poodle pups already in 3 weeks from tragedy. Honestly speaking I went there in order not to make Olga and her mother upset. I did not believe that anyone could fill this emptiness.

Well, I entered the breeder's flat (I. Ashukina) and here comes a black doll and hangs on me... That's it! I was lost! In two weeks, with all my savings in my hand I went to pick her up. My Lialia. She is an epoque in my life. Lialechka, Liasia, my father called her Nika (who is Lialia? Nika - that is a real proud name!). And her official name was fairy - Primavera iz Volshebnogo Sna (Primavera from the Fairy Tale). Later they made a pedigree certificate for her. There they lost the suffix and changed the name. Till now I have puppy card for Primavera iz Volshebnogo Sna ans pedigree cert for Pimerose. It is a pity, but Lialia went over the rainbow after she turned 13 years old in 2005.

She was a special dog. Truly poodle. Together we studied the Poodle science. First show, first win. Puppies class is won, we are first among eight participants. Later in 1994 she wins the title of Moscow Winner (Golden Autumn' 94 Show).

Unfortunately poodle lovers could not make us crazy about shows and strange relations with a breeder were the reason why we left showing. Later Olga came back and in 1998 offered to mate Lialia in order to leave her daughter with us - continuation of Lialia. I agreed. After consultation with vet (I was worrying to do the first mating at 6 years old...) and conclusion that Lialia is fully healthy and can be mated, we went to Gordik. I did not choose the male. He was offered by the kennel Emerei and also they offered to register the litter to their kennel. I agreed. As a result of this appeared Lusha and Woodoo. Woodoo just could not be sold, because I did not have any experience with selling the puppies and the kennel did not help me with that.

Then I decided to stay with Emerei and started to do some things useful for kennel. Organized advertising, made the web site, even was a handler for other dogs for the kennel. That was not a frequent practic, but I think that it was quite successfull. For example we won BIS Speciality with Gordik, then BIS of All-Russian Show Nutro Cup with Zephir. This is besides my Woodoo and Lusha. We bacome Russian Champions, Lusha wins BIS Speciality, Woodoo became National Poodle Club Champion.

Now comes the time to think about Lusha's "marriage". I dig through the mess of books and magazines and my eye is caught by the swedish male Caniche Noir Le Grand Ami. Racketeer Exquisit Sinner blood, later I can inbreed in Scandinavia or in Russia (Olga at that time brought in Lennart - Racketeer Hit Man). I got acquanted with the owner of this male (Reija Hittinen) via e-mail. I come to Sweden to "hold" and to see him myself. Yes! I love that! And also I love his temperament. So, I do not want any other besides him for my Lusha. We mated two times and here they are - 5 wonderful babies! Genetics played a trick with us, and we had 4 white and 1 black pups! That was litter "I" in Emerei kennel. That's it.

Honestly speaking I was not thinking about founding my own kennel. But as we could not manage to have my name as at least co-breeder, I, having healthy ambitions, decided that I have to be an official breeder in my breeding.

So, I went to the kinology course in the Hunting Society of Moscow (MOOIR). And here it is, "Moroshka's" kennel prefix registration certificate # 7154. At the same time I decided to form my breeding "heart". I decided to work also with brown colour in standards and for that purpose I brought in the brown female from Canada (with Torpaz blood behind). And also I brought in a male of black-brown mating out of the father of my pups (litter "I" in Emerei) and a beautiful female from the kennel Dandy-Lion's. It is all of a sorrow, Kompis-older went away in 2004, and that was his last mating. Our black boy we call Kompis-jr.

I am very happy to have a co-thinker - Irina Riazanova. She is a truly show fighter and very dedicated person.

So, we wish to ourselves - good fortune and good luck!












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